“I am happy to be able to stimulate many more children to actively playing sports’’
– Diede de Groot

Esther Vergeer Foundation

The Esther Vergeer Foundation makes it possible for disabled children to play sports at regular sports clubs. For disabled children playing regular sports is not very obvious. The Esther Vergeer Foundation enables children to enjoy regular club sports. Just like any other child. Says Diede: ‘’like no-one else I know the importance of playing sports. In 2004 I participated in one of the Foundation’s clinics en look where I am now! I am happy to be able to stimulate many more children to actively playing sports!”



KNLTB (Royal Dutch Tennis Federation)

Since 2020 Diede has been a KNLTB ambassador for the promotion of wheelchair tennis in the Netherlands. She is an inspiration for many people around her, adults and children alike. Diede likes to put a lot of energy in being an ambasssador: “ Tennis is a great sport, even if you cannot play it upright. I am happy to put my energy into showing more people what fun tennis is and that one should not be slowed down by any disability. Just by playing tennis you can gain more confidence and be stronger in society. It is important for people to see that wheelchail tennis players can play with everyone else. That is what makes sport such fun. Together with KNLTB I love to commit myself to making people enthusastic about playing wheelchair tennis.”

Fonds Gehadicaptensport (Disabled Sports Fund)

The Netherlands count 1.7 million people who are disabled. For them playing sports is not always obvious. Fonds Gehandicaptensport supports non-profit sports clubs. By doing so they make it possible every disabled person to play a sport close to home. Diede is proud to be an ambassador of  Fonds Gehandicaptensport and she gladly supports, among others, the projects 1% Fairshare, (s)Cool on Wheels and Unique Sports.

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