Lumosa – Ready for the future!

Fighting for a medal, giving everything for a cup: sport is about winning, and about conquer.  Because you don’t become number 1 just like that. Lumosa literally puts athletes in the spotlight to get the very best out of themselves. Today and tomorrow. Winners never quit, quitters never win. Led the game start.Diede has been ambassador of Lumosa since 2022. Together they fight for a better and more sustainable world. The common denominator? Only want to achieve the very best. Want to be the very best. Win and win together! A joint mission, in which Lumosa is happy to support Diede.

Road to ParisWith love and pleasure, Lumosa will follow Diede de Groot closely in her ‘Road to Paris’ for three years. In other words: the Paralympic Summer Games of 2024. The sports tournament for every top athlete and therefore a milestone to look forward to. A family business, in which warmth and personality are central, requires long-term cooperation. Loyalty is the keyword for Lumosa.